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About Mindful SupplyDuring our journey in the apparel industry for 20+ years, we have seen things come and go. Trends, fads, and worse, American jobs. While on the journey, a belief started to brew:

“A belief that America could make a quality apparel product again with pride and at a good price.”

So in the fall of 2011, Mindful Supply was born. Mindful of three things: Where our clothing comes from, how it’s made and who’s making it. We want it to be the American worker. Mindful Supply is a growing lifestyle, a true state of mind.

We have built a successful supply chain where we grow the cotton, gin it, knit it, dye it, design and print it all here in the United States. And consumers have the unique ability to track the chain from start to finish, seeing the care and passion that went into making every piece we make. Click here to see a video of our Made in the Carolinas process.

Now it’s your time to hit the open road, explore what’s around you and enjoy your journey.

Mindful Supply works with various organizations throughout the country.  We are passionate about agriculture and supporting the American farmer.  Our work with Cotton Inc. includes marketing and design work as well as being an official supplier.  The partnership we have with Got to be NC promotes agricultural goodness throughout the state with branding and graphic design.  For the past 5 years, Mindful Supply has donated a portion of our profits to advancing the work of the Carolina Farm Stewardship.  We will continue to fuel our passion by working with these and other organizations to promote USA made products.

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