More than a brand

We all have stuff that fills our time up. So much that it can get us down. Mindful is here to lift your mental state, to help you let go of the stuff. When you buy Mindful Supply you are part of something more. More to give, to live, and be mindful.

Our past,
PRESENT & future

Yep, we’ve got history. Years and years in the apparel business. Looking back, the experience gave notice to what matters most: Use our time to make things and folks feel good. So If we do that, the future will take care of itself.

Our Mindful state

Our state of mind comes from striving to live and enjoy the present moment, do good things for others and don't harm the earth or each other while doing it.

Mindfully Made

We have put a whole lot of care in the product we make, knowing the sourcing and production are part of a sustainable community and practices fair trade. That's Mindfully made.