Reconsidered Goods
November 17, 2022


We interviewed Paige Cox from Reconsidered Goods here in Greensboro, NC, a 501-(c)(3) non-profit that takes donated materials from manufacturers and individuals and helps divert them from the landfill and instead, puts these items and materials into the hands of artists, makers, teachers and kids to create something new. 

Why do you do what you do?

Paige: I have always been involved with environmental causes and the arts. This just seemed like a natural progression for me. Our mission is to divert items from our local waste stream, but we do it just as much to make our customers happy.

How long have you been doing it?

Paige: I quit my corporate job in January 2016 to start the non-profit and we opened the store in October 2016.

What does it mean to you to be Mindful?

Paige: To me, it is being mindful of how you treat others, being mindful of how your choices affect the world, and being mindful on how your choices make you feel as a person. I love the term "leave no trace". That should apply to everything if you are being mindful.

How are you Mindful in your craft?

Paige: We are mindful here at RG by paying attention to what can be reused. Breaking down things that will be appreciated by others and making them available to those that can create with them.

What do you love about Mindful Supply the brand?

Paige: I love the positivity. Daily reminders of thoughtful living are what we need more in the world. I will always support companies that do it the right way versus the easy way.

Where is your studio located and please share your contact info for sales.

We are located at:
2805 Patterson Street
Greensboro NC, 27407

Our hours are:
Monday 10-5

Tuesday 10-5

Wednesday 10-7

Thursday 10-5

Friday 10-5

Saturday 10-5

Sunday 12-5