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A Mindful Approach to Lawncare
March 16, 2020

Grass. Good for mowing but is it good for the environment? 

Let's talk about grass. No, not that kind of grass. We're talking about your yard at home. With Spring around the corner and the weather changing it up, lots of folks are in the mindset to Spring clean - and for some, that means getting your grass growth back on track. 

But what really goes into jump-starting your lawn to start looking lush and green after a long cold winter? For most people, they head to their local home improvement store to stalk up on grass seed, fertilizer and gardening tools. After hours of prep work and months of treatment, the yard starts to turn a yellowish-green. 

You might get to a point where your yard isn't turning out exactly as those home improvement experts told you it would. If you're like me and you're not a yard health expert, you might find some frustration with the whole process and seek professional help from a company that can kick start your landscaping needs the right way. 
Enter Get Sunday. A mindful company dedicated to helping its customers maintain a beautiful lawn while helping the planet. No, seriously. Get Sunday's philosophy is rooted in, "lawn better without the toxic stuff." Most over the counter fertilizers and lawn products have harmful chemicals in them that are not good for your kids, your pets or the environment.
With Get Sunday, their mission is to eliminate the stigma that you need to lay down these chemicals to promote grass growth. Instead, folks can opt for their subscription-based service that evaluates your lawn's needs through satellite imagery. Pretty cool, right? Once they have assessed the climate you live in and your yard's DNA, Get Sunday will send a custom grass rejuvenation kit direct to your doorstep. All you have to do is take their environmentally friendly nutrients and spray them onto your yard with your own garden hose. 

image source (Get Sunday)
The amazing thing about this mindful driven company is what they put into their products and what they put out. A few of Get Sunday's key ingredients include:
  • food waste: they use leftover grocery produce to create nutrient-dense plant food.
  • iron: an essential micronutrient, iron also helps grass develop a rich dark green color.
  • molasses: a plant-derived source of minerals with sugar to activate soil life and build fertility.
  • seaweed: a powerful plant nutrient that they get from the coast of Maine.
Your yard can be your sanctuary for relaxation but it is also home to, "birds, bees, and, well, a whole ecosystem" according to Get Sunday. For every 1% of their sales, Get Sunday will give back those profits to restoring native tallgrass prairie. This combination of environmentally forward-thinking and giving back is exactly the kind of philosophy that Mindful Supply supports. Cheers to the folks at Get Sunday! 
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