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A Thousand Reasons to Check Out These Mindfully Made Helmets
Blog April 16, 2020
By now, most of us have adjusted to this "new norm" of staying home to ensure the health and safety of others in our community due to the Coronavirus pandemic. During this time of social distancing, the urge to leave your house has probably increased with each day of this self-imposed quarantine we're being asked to do. 
So, what are some things you can do outside of the house while maintaining social distancing? Sure there's exercise, family walks, hikes with the dog, and chalk drawings to be done on your sidewalk but I'm sure most of us could also opt for a bike ride. 
If you decide to dust off that old bike, put air in the tires, and plan your bike route, chances are you're going to be digging around in your garage for that old bike helmet that you absolutely hate wearing. 
Enter Thousand. A bicycle helmet maker changing the industry for the better. With their cool designs and mindfully sourced materials such as vegan leather straps, this helmet is one that does your head and the environment some good! 
Thousand is committed to making high-quality gear without causing unnecessary harm to the planet by - 
  • working with Climate Neutral to offset their very own carbon footprint
  • reducing cardboard usage by more than 50% by designing dual-purpose packaging for store display and shipping
  • leveraging a mindful supply chain (their words not ours) by using environmentally-friendly alternatives (whenever possible) and tracking the origin of their materials while working with manufacturers with integrity
Thousand is also looking out for our essential workers during this time by starting their very own Courier Care Program. The program aims to give all US-based bike couriers a free helmet, so they can stay safe on the road while bringing food and supplies to those who need it. 
Companies like Thousand are ones that we need now more than ever. Their mindful approach to bike safety, caring for the planet and caring for our essential workers is a great reason to check them out when you're ready to ditch that old helmet that doesn't fit you anymore. 
Now get out there and ride! 
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