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kids, meditation, mindfulness, parenting January 04, 2019

My six year old son has always been disinterested in sleeping. He's intelligent, observant and curious. If you are fellow parents of determinedly awake children, you understand that it is hard for them to go to sleep when there are so many wonderful things to explore and understand.

Even when he was a baby and I wanted to cuddle and sleep, he just could not do it. As long as I was holding him and there was something to look at, he was awake. When he was two he finally started sleeping through the night (much to his chagrin and our joy.)


Last week during the holiday, a friend and I took our kids for an overnight at a nearby indoor water park as part of their Christmas gifts. My son and his best friend (6 and 5) chose to sleep in my friend's room while our respective daughters chose to sleep in mine to get away from the boys. 

When it came time for the kids to sleep and for the grownups to have a glass of wine and enjoy silence I braced myself for yet another battle of wills with my son. I knew that the stimuli would prove more than he could handle. Moments after tucking them into the hotel bed my friend asked the boys if they would like a meditation. There was a chorus of, "Yes!" 


She pulled out her phone, pushed play.. and within 15 minutes the boys were asleep. That's right. I said 15 minutes. When I asked her what sweet miracle she had stumbled upon, she told me that they're all FREE on youtube! 

I knew I could not keep these to myself. Parents need rest and relaxation too! We need to take care of ourselves so we can be better parents. If the kids are not sleeping that leaves very little time for "me time."

So fellow parents, without further ado: 


There are tons of these online! While at my parent's house over New Years my daughter fell in love with them as well. Here's one that she enjoyed: 



  Sarah is the Brand Manager for Mindful Supply Co. She's a  mother of two and likes photography and watching Netflix with her cat, Claude. 

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