Like Minded: Enbois Originals

Less than 2% of Haiti's forests remain.

In response to extreme poverty, the people of Haiti have been cutting down the forests to sell for charcoal. Charcoal production remains the number one cause of deforestation in Haiti and has turned mountains once rich in lush forest and fertile soil into barren desert land. Deforestation not only dries the land, making it extremely hard to farm for locals, but also magnifies the effects of heavy rains causing landslides and damage to river banks. 

Efforts to use alternative forms of energy have been implemented throughout the country relieving the heavy demand on charcoal. Now it's time to reforest! This week's Like Minded feature is Enbois Originals, a jewelry and accessories company based in Florida that plants one tree in Haiti for every item sold. 


Enbois, French for the term "wooden,"uses easily renewable materials such as ethically farmed and fast growing wood to manufacture their goods. One dollar per item sold goes to projects like The Haiti Tree Project and Grown in Haiti

Click HERE to support efforts to build a better tomorrow by bringing awareness of this problem.

Enbois challenges us to,

"Wear products like this proudly. Spread the word that a new generation is emerging! A generation mindful of its actions and environment."

We couldn't agree more guys. 


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