3 Easy Ways to Eat Mindfully
June 18, 2018

We all eat food, everyday. It’s one of the most intimate actions we can perform: we take substances into our bodies for the purpose of keeping us alive. But in today’s busy world it’s easy to eat without taking the time to think both about what the body really wants and where our food comes from.

Intuitive eating experts suggest that in order to really connect with your food and your body, you should practice the following steps when eating:

  1. Listen to your body. Your body knows more than your clock. Just because it’s a certain time of day doesn’t mean your individual body may need nourishment. Listen to your internal clock to see when you need to eat.
  2. Pay attention to how different foods make you feel. Instead of thinking about foods as “good” or “bad,” think about how they make you feel. Sugary foods may be satisfying in the moment, but do you feel grumpy or tired 20 minutes later? Try different things to see what makes you feel more like yourself and add this to your daily eating routine.
  3. Stop when you’ve had enough. Your body will tell you when it’s full--food won’t taste as good. This message is easy to miss, though, so make sure you slow down and stay mindful.

Just like how you care about where your clothing comes from, the food we put into our bodies for nourishment is part of a larger mindful life. As we load up our grills for the summer, let’s take a moment to make sure that we are leaving the best impact on the world around us. Groups like Local Harvest can help connect you to local farmers’ markets and CSAs.

Happy mindful eating!

Written by Dr. Katie Manthey
Katie has a PhD in rhetoric and teaches professional writing. Her mindful practice includes baking, reading, and talking about TV with her dog. 


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    Andy Petree
    on July 02, 2018

    I would also recommend getting connected with your food if you can. Grow the garden, raise your own chickens for eggs and meat, or whatever you can do. Doesn’t have to be all your food. Not only do you know what is in food that you raise yourself, but there is immense pride and satisfaction in it.

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