5 Ways to Celebrate Dad's Day... the Mindful Way!

Father’s Day is coming up, and here at Mindful Supply we wanted to take a moment and give a shout out to everyone who takes on a father-type role: we see you.

People who father have to be mindful of many things at the same time: often juggling complex emotional and financial responsibilities. There are many ways to celebrate this holiday that honor the mindfulness of the father figures in our lives. Here’s a list of our top 5:

  1. Go outside. Whether it’s a hike up a mountain, a walk around your block, or simply a trip out to the backyard, being outside with people that you love can be a great way to connect with each other and the larger world around you.
  2. Create a meal together. Make a plan to cook the guest of honor’s favorite meal. Include everyone--many hands make light work (especially when it comes time to clean)!
  3. Tell stories. One of the things that connects us as humans is storytelling. Set aside some time to tell stories about your favorite moments with your father figure. It can be surprising (and sometimes funny) how people remember things differently.
  4. Rest. Being mindful means finding meaning in stillness. Be cognizant of people’s limits and don’t over-plan the fun. Less can be more.
  5. Watch a great movie. What is that movie that dad always wants to watch but always gets passed over because they're sweet and selfless? Watch the movie as a family. Popcorn or snacks are a must. 

What are some of your favorite memories of a father figure in your life? Leave a comment below for a chance to win a free T-shirt (which makes a great Father’s Day gift)!

Written by Dr. Katie Manthey

Katie has a PhD in rhetoric and teaches professional writing. Her mindful practice includes baking, reading, and talking about TV with her dog. 

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