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3 Apps For Mindfulness On the Go!
July 13, 2018

It’s no secret that smartphones can be a cause of stress in our lives. Between notifications, updates, and actual phone calls, it can become easy to get lost mindlessly checking your phone. This week, Mindful Supply wants to offer some ideas for making your phone a source of relaxation and mindfulness.



Like playing games on your phone? Happify gamifies self development and self care. Users take a short survey and are given a set of activities and games like “Conquer Negative Thoughts,” “Reach for Excellence: Be a Mindful Leader,” and “Happiness Shortcuts for the Ultra-Busy” that are designed to help you grow and meet your goals. The app boasts that over 85% of users saw an increase in happiness in 2 months by playing 3-4 times/week. Move over, Angry Birds!





You might think you already use your phone for everything, but have you considered using your smartphone to meditate? To help you sleep? If not, you’re missing out! We like Aura for meditation and mood tracking throughout the day. When the day is over and it’s time to sleep, we recommend the soothing sounds of Bob Ross painting some “happy trees” with Calm. This highly acclaimed app includes meditation guides as well as a library of “Sleep Stories.”






Another way make sure your phone reflects mindful intentions is to personalize your wallpaper(s). The very first thing you see when you look at your phone has the potential to influence your mood. Think about how you want to feel when you’re on your phone: motivated? Relaxed? Inspired? There’s a wallpaper for every feeling. We love WLPPR (iPhone) and Muzei (Android). You can also make an adventure out of it and use your phone to take a picture of the perfect wallpaper!







Katie has a PhD in rhetoric and teaches professional writing. Her mindful practice includes baking, reading, and talking about TV with her dog. 

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