Good Social Media Makes Everything Better

by Sarah Cardman July 11, 2018

Good Social Media Makes Everything Better

There’s an overwhelming amount of social media content out there, and Mindful Supply has found some of the best content to help you stay mindful while you enjoy your summer. Here’s a few of our feel-good social media sources:

happsters instagram screenshot

@happsters by Kelli (Instagram account)

True to the account’s name, Kelli posts pictures of cute animals, tips for being mindful, and inspirational stories from around the internet.

humble the poet. Quote image.@humblethepoet by Kanwer Singh (Instagram account)

If you want to add some thought-provoking, inspirational posts to your Instagram feed, we recommend Humble The Poet. Singh is a poet, musician, and elementary school teacher and the author of UnLearn: 101 Simple Truths for a Better Life.

Chani Nicholas "About me" page screenshot.

Chani Nicholas” by Chani Nicholas (Website)

Chani is an astrologer who carefully crafts thoughtful horoscopes from an intersectional perspective. Her horoscopes read like poetry, and always remind the reader to stay in the present and live their best life.


Thoughts of dog screenshot- twitter

Thoughts of Dog” (Twitter)

This twitter account gives daily posts about everyday life from the perspective of a dog. You don’t have to be a dog person for this account to make you smile.


Good things happen. Love is real. We will be ok.

Everyday Mindfulness” (Twitter)

The twitter account of the website with the same name, this account posts small tidbits to reflect on throughout the day. It’s one of our favorite accounts to follow!


Mindful Supply Spotify playlist
“Tunes-Day” by Mindful Supply (Spotify playlist)

This specially curated playlist is updated every Tuesday to keep you groovin’ and feeling good. Be sure to follow the account for the latest music!

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Mindful Supply Summer Playlist

“Summertime Playlist 2018” by Mindful Supply (Spotify playlist)

This playlist was made specifically for this summer--check it out while the sun is still out! 

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Katie has a PhD in rhetoric and teaches professional writing. Her mindful practice includes baking, reading, and talking about TV with her dog. 

Sarah Cardman
Sarah Cardman


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