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How to Hallo-WIN with these DIY costume ideas!

As October 31st quickly approaches, you can find that it’s terrifyingly easy to get wrapped up in all the spooky season festivities. Haunted trails, pumpkin carving, scary movie marathons, candy buying, house decorating and party planning. It can be more of a trick than a treat sometimes when keeping up with all the Halloween hoopla.

We know how scary it can be when you realize that  you have crossed everything off your list except for that one crucial thing, your costume.

Whether you forgot to include it in your holiday budget or it just never even crossed your mind, it might be the most frightening feeling you get during the whole month of October. Fear not, because we have a treat for you when it comes to DIY costumes that won’t carve out your wallet

Start by looking around your house for any spare or reusable items that could be turned into something other than itself, even if you don’t see how it could be turned into a costume, grab it anyways!

These items include, but are not limited to:

-Empty egg cartons

-Aluminum trays or foil

-Paper towel and toilet paper rolls

-Cotton balls

-Empty 2-Liter bottles


-Pool noodles

-Construction paper

-Cardboard boxes

-Tissue paper


-Old balance ball

These everyday items have the potential of being anything you want them to be with a little imagination and determination. Whether it’s converting an egg carton into corn kernels for a corn on the cob costume or turning your aluminum foil and pan into a sword and shield for your knight in shining armor costume, with some creativity, you can still win the best-dressed contest for an extremely low price. If you’re in need of more inspiration, check out Real Simple and BRIT + CO for some great DIY ideas!

Not only are you saving money, you're saving the environment.  Reusing this costume by adding upgrades with more reusable items as the years go on. Living mindfully doesn't have to be too complex, it can be as simple as creating your own DIY costume, no tricks!

 Addison is an intern at Mindful Supply. She attends Salem College, loves dogs and playing softball. 
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