Mindful Supply Sponsors Piedmont Land Jam

Piedmont Land Conservancy is a non-profit organization based in Greensboro driven to aid landowners in preserving the green spaces. In 1989, locals came together to discuss how to make a difference by conserving the area's most precious natural assets forever.

Photo Courtesy of Piedmont Land Conservancy

The PLC has protected over 25,000 acres of land through voluntary legal agreements called, "easements." These prevent developers from purchasing land and converting it.  Click here for more information on easements. 

Mindful Supply is proud to sponsor an event supporting this hard working organization called the Piedmont Land Jam. For one to truly live their "best life," we think nature should be involved. 

This year's Land Jam features Asheville natives, the Steep Canyon Rangers and Darrell Scott.

 Grab your tickets online: HERE or call 336-333-2605


Hope we get to see you there!
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